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Music and Narration 

A performance that took place at Milton Court Concert Hall in London on the 29th of June 2023, this project was a dramatic retelling of a short story written by the composer during Covid-19, titled A Brief Account from 1669. Using the combined forces of both the spoken word and music, the two disciplines were used equally together to weave a story about love, grief, and the power of memory. The chamber ensemble was conducted by Oliwia Radomska and includes Alex Wilson (flute/clarinet), Isabella Monteduro (dulcimer), Alicja Cetnar (harp), Anastasia Egorova (violin), Jan Halen (viola), Melisande Lochak (double bass) and Olivia Underwood (composer and piano). The story was narrated by actor Jo Jo Lau and a studio version of the story was also recorded prior to the stage performance.

Link to original short story published by the Decameron Project: 

A story set in 1669, a few years after the Great Fire of London. It takes place near Fleet Street in the City of London, where an office lies opposite Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, a public house which is still exists to this day. Two immortal mages live there in secret and are waiting for their next client to appear – Penelope Abbott, a normal lady’s maid who lives on despite grieving the loss of her younger brother. She is caught by surprise as the two mages lead her into the office and what ensues from there is a tale of forbidden magic, grief and ultimately, the nature of memories. 

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